How to build a winning time table


After understanding that you need to really separate the levels of your classes, and design a well-defined program of classes for each level of your gym, it will already start to look different, but here comes the following problem: there are not enough times available to offer so many different classes. I also had this problem and I confess that it took me a while to solve it but once I understood it, I realized the solution was easy.


Jiu Jitsu academies generally define the best time between 19 and 20h for the advanced class Monday through to Friday. But we have several mistakes in the situation described above and I will explain to you why. Imagine a tatami of 100m2which comfortably accommodates 20 students (calculate 5m2per student). Imagine that students come every day, the most you could have at that time would be 20 students, but we all know that only a minority trains every day (this number does not reach 10% in a non-professional group), which means that the number of potential students can increase to 1.5 of the class capacity, or let’s say a 30 student base in our example.


But if we know that the student doesn’t go every day, why should we make this time available from Monday to Friday? If we reduce it to 3 times a week, it’s  possible that students still do not come every day but you can still keep the student base number close to 30 students, and now a window has been opened to put a beginner’s class in the prime time of the academy which will quickly bring you another 20 students practically doubling the initial number within the same time.

Even those graduate students who do not train every day will complain that they don’t now have daily training, so we can put another class before the beginners class for the advanced, for example at 18:30 twice a week, the other 3 days: 1 beginner class and two intermediate. What will happen is that in just 2 hours across the week you get to have 3 levels of class with students with different objectives which takes the capacity of attendance of your gym to another level. The idea is to stagger the classes and to not offer the same level at the same time of the week.

The only possibility of having a fixed timetable Monday to Friday for the same class is if you have two classrooms, and qualified teachers to give simultaneous classes, but if you have only one mat, alternating the days and times will make your number of students multiply.

In my gym, I have two different tatamis which allow me to offer 64 classes per week on several different levels. Take a look at my gym timetable


Even if this is not your reality, this is undoubtedly the way to grow your school. I usually say that the student adapts to what the school offers and not the other way, then define the best time your academy can accommodate the most people with the most varied goals, this is the way to success!

Good training!



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