“Off the Mats” with Fabio Gurgel


Hi Guys,

I’ve just recorded my first podcast in English answering the following questions from our affiliates in the USA.
If you want to learn more then please click on the link below. The idea is to record a podcast every month discussing a topic of your interest, so please comment below with your ideas.


  • What is the right way to plan advanced classes? I have a good handle on the beginner and intermediate classes but I just do whatever is on my mind for the week when it comes to the advanced class. Is there a systematic way to organize content?
  • How do you approach a white belt who signs up under the beginner program and he goes and rolls at some other schools open mat? I have spoken about the rolling thing, but I feel like I have no power over a student who is paying and decides he wants to go and roll at someone’s open mat. How should I approach this situation?
  •  What is the best way to find sales staff?
  •  How many employees do you have? What role do they have, and what would you consider fair pay?
  • How many mat assistants do you have per number of kids on the mat.
  • What are key ways to help develop a competitors mindset in order to be a champion.
  • Along those lines of treating everyone equally what does everyone think about congratulating kids who placed in competitions in front of the class? And what do you do in terms of recognizing those competitors in their achievements? What would you limit that to in order to make sure you don’t inflate any egos?
  • What have been the keys to a lifelong successful partnership between the three alliance founders.
  • What advice can you give to someone entering or navigating business relationships. What to never do, what to always make sure you do etc.
  • How do you deal with students with rank, that join? We get guys who switch to us as blue, purple, brown and honestly, sometimes they suck. No basics. Zero self defense. They haven’t really ever trained hard. We try to help them along, but you can see the frustration and feeling of being overwhelmed on their faces. Not to mention they just aren’t at the level of the average student at their rank or below. We’ve had a couple quit because they just feel like they wasted so many years in the past and it’s too hard to catch up. Not their fault. Their old academies did them a disservice. Aside from that, we can’t in good conscience promote them if they don’t have the minimum requirements we require from our students at their rank or below.
  • Do you charge late fees on late payments? And if you do, after how many days late?
  • I’d like to know what type of email marketing you consider to be more efficient and if you can describe the characteristics you feel the system should have to be considered an efficient prospecting tool.


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