Success does not happen overnight

There is an old expression in Brazil: ‘sucesso não vem de cavalo’ which only makes sense if we go back in time to when horses really were the fastest way to travel. It means ‘success doesn’t come quickly.’

And just to elaborate even more with reference to the horse, “o castigo vinha à cavalo,” punishment also comes at the speed of a horse. It refers to the universal law of what you put out, comes back.

Success does not happen overnight, it is built slowly for however long it takes. There is no time limit.

Small changes in habit make you better a little bit every day. You don’t need much, if you were to improve 0.25% each day, after 4 years you would be 100% better than you are today.

I see countless people in Jiu Jitsu whether they are athletes or teachers complaining about the marketplace, blaming God or everyone but themselves for their lack of success.

I want to tell you that we have never experienced a better time in Jiu Jitsu for building a good business. Jiu Jitsu is practiced around the world and there are more and more opportunities for people who want to live off of it.  The image of Jiu Jitsu has been improving continuously since we no longer have that bad boy image (although there are still some who have nostalgia for that time because they think this was the “real” Jiu Jitsu. To these people, I need to clarify that it never was, it was a total misrepresentation of our martial art which delayed and harmed the progress of Jiu Jitsu for many years. So, if the timing is so good why are most academies unsuccessful?

We need to understand that success is not necessarily about how much money a person makes, but much more to do with relevancy, having a sense of belonging and influence.  Money usually follows these steps and becomes the consequence, which is as it should be.

Several reasons distinguish successful people from unsuccessful people in any industry. I would start with the company you choose. Do you know that saying, “that you are the average of the 5 people that surround you?” So, surround yourself with good people, preferably better than you. People who think differently not “disciples” who think everything you do is great, I know it’s not and of course you do too. We have to live in the truth.

 Read a lot. There may be successful people who do not have the habit of reading, but it is rare. Wake up early. Organize your day, life is short and if you want to accomplish something of value you need to stop wasting time. Focus on what you know how to do — many people waste time trying to do many things rather than focusing on what is important. Don’t regret anything. Life is hard for most of the time, accept it and move forwards the best way you can in that moment.

 Do not compare yourself to others, they often have totally different situations from yours, compare yourself to how you were yesterday — this is what you need to succeed.

If you want to succeed in the Jiu Jitsu world in the future, you will also need to master some knowledge:

You will need to understand how to run a gym.

You will need to know how to work within a methodology that delivers something different to your student within what he seeks through martial art.

You will need to understand digital marketing.

You will need to genuinely care about people.

Anyway, you can see that it will not be easy but if you prepare yourself well you will have something that goes beyond success, something very rare these days: working with what you love and chose.

Every sacrifice is worth it, and your goal is very possible. And the best part? It’s all up to you!

Stop finding problems and excuses and let’s work harder and harder.  If you do everything right, no matter if today you won or lost, or if things went right or wrong, keep going. Keep moving forwards.

Since success does not come overnight enjoy the path.

A hug Fabio Gurgel


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