Jiu Jitsu and Coronavirus — what to do?

Through this communication, we want to tell all the students and teachers of Alliance that it has been closely monitoring the worldwide evolution of coronavirus, which as of yesterday was considered a pandemic by WHO.

We are taking all possible measures to improve hygiene in our facilities so that our mats and other facilities can prevent the spread of the virus.

We recommend that you to turn off the drinking fountains, provide anti-bacterial gel (alcohol-based) and use disinfectant daily on the mat.

We have gyms in 25 countries including China where our branch was ordered by the government to close for almost a month — it is gradually returning to normal.

We understand the risk and likelihood of the virus spreading to other places, and we are paying attention to the recommendations of various public health organizations in different locations so that we can guide our community. It is important, however, we don’t overemphasize the virulence of the COV-19 virus, which is not much greater than that of a common flu and much less than the already known H1N1. The people at risk are mostly elderly, people with obesity, smokers and people with underlying cardiac or respiratory problems.

I believe that our students due to the constant practice of physical activity are not included in this group.

However, we also understand that we live and work with people who fall into these categories and that is why it is necessary that we take certain health and hygiene precautions.

Wash your hands and use alcohol gel (70%), cover your face when sneezing or coughing, and if you feel any flu symptoms, STAY AT HOME.

The incubation period for the virus is between 2 and 14 days, so if you had contact with someone who has had the infection confirmed you should seek medical advice and stay off the mat.

I believe that the Jiu Jitsu community will manage this moment well, and will act with responsibility, taking care of each other as we always do in our academies.

Eat well, stay hydrated and maintain your level of physical activity which is what keeps us healthy and prevents disease.

Here in Brazil we will continue to monitor and follow the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health through infectious dieases Doctor David Uip, please see the link for the latest recommendations.




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