The quarantine continues….

Many of us will have completed two weeks of social isolation today. The news however remains inconclusive, and it’s difficult to say what the right strategy is for moving forwards.

There have been attempts to compare countries through: history, demographic, climate, health infrastructure, economy etc., all in attempt to find the best solution for our reality. These examples are valid — the numbers are analysed by experts in their field who really understand the subject, and having access to real data can help immensely. However, being misinformed or using the information to defend some ideological bias, or for self-interest does not help our country. We also have a new category of ‘pseudo-specialists,’ people who overnight became Virology experts on social networks.

This is a nefarious combination which misinforms and panics the general population.

My understanding is social distancing is necessary to flatten the curve and must be maintained.

However, the economic impact that this will cause needs to be assessed and calculated. Something needs to be done so the economic consequences don’t cause more deaths than the pandemic itself.

Businesses will recover one way or another. If we look back through history, crisis and pandemics walk hand-in-hand with human existence, and this will be no different. However, in Brazil we have people living from one day to the next working hard just to put food on the table at night. For many, two weeks has devasting and dire consequences.

I sincerely hope that the authorities will intervene in this sector.

Perhaps we will have to live in a different reality for a while, but not necessarily worse. Maybe it means taking a few steps back in order to correct the course, which seemed a little off balance anyway.

I imagine that people must be experiencing a lot of difficulties right now, while others are already sick, and there is no doubt that we will lose lives to this pandemic.

Doing the right thing is really the only thing we have left. In fact, shouldn’t it always be like this? If we started to do the right thing, we would wake up from this nightmare surrounded by a much better society.

I can’t wait to go back to the activities I love, to hug and kiss the people I care about, to think about the future, make plans, go after them, but for now we need to focus on what is possible and what is in our control.

In this moment we’re living, I can choose to become better in many ways — I can read more, write more, exercise more, eat better, study more. I can use technology to communicate, or the time to send messages to my friends that I don’t normally have time to see.

This crisis will be marked in history, and you are living it — what will you have to say when all this is over?

Remember, we can’t control the things around us, but we can control how we react to them. There is no better time to apply this Stoic teaching than now. A black swan (which is an unexpected event) happened, but you have no control over it — you can’t do anything you used to do, or planned to do, so what next? You can sit and cry or wake up every day and do the best you can.

The saying that opportunities appear in crises is very common in the financial market, but it is not what really matters right now — you have a huge opportunity to develop as a human being, so take this moment to evolve.

There is general feeling that we are experiencing a catastrophe, but have you ever stopped to think how much worse it could be? The evidence is right there in history. I just finished a book called “The Gulag Archipelago” by Aleksandr Soljenitsyn — it’s a true story of injustice and deprivation during the post-Russian revolution period, (from the Soviet concentration camps). It’s startling to see how far human cruelty can go, but also the extent of human resilience. If you are reading this text you have an internet connection, probably in the comfort of your home, with electricity, food and water in the fridge — we don’t have much to complain about.

Before things get better, they may get worse. Stay present and don’t give up. Stay firm and focused on what can, and should be done.

Continue the quarantine and we will see you when this storm passes

I will be a better person than when I came in, and you?

Big hug


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    Grata pela atencao no feedback ,em citar os livros dos podcasts;


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